Francis of Assisi: Patron Saint of Planet Earth?

Travel with us back in time to meet one of the world's most beloved priests who reveled in the joy and sanctity of Mother Nature and all her living creatures. See his breathtaking corner of Planet Earth in Italy as he did and understand why this pioneering environmentalist treasured "Brother Sun" and "Sister Moon."

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Diego Di Paolo said...

Hi from Italy.
I'm so glad you gave your attention to our saint francis....he's really the saint patron of the PLANET EARTH !
i had the chance to see your special program about saint francis when it was broadcasted by CBS , and i'm so glad to see it on this wonderful web site.
You know that a lot of people from all over the world are walking along the paths of "Cammino di Francesco" (Saint Francis' Walk), and many of them come from USA . It's a great experience, and you don't need to be strictly catholic to love just need to love the planet you live in .Our nature is so beautiful ! Our environment is so unspoiled !
You can connect with (there is a good english version) to discover the beauty of these places around the Holy Valley of Rieti .
I want to thank you about mentioning the beautiful unknown sites you described in your special
Thanks Michelle!

Diego Di Paolo
Tourism Development Coordinator
Lazio Tourist Board